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Brian Davis
When Brian Davis was 15 years old, his family moved from New South Wales to Albany in Western Australia and he has lived in, or around, ever since. For many years he did seasonal work in the local area and spent the off seasons traveling, surfing and then designing and building his own house. In 1992, after a colourful career which led from making bikinis to being a slaughterman, Brian began to focus on his greatest interest - woodworking. He attended the local Technical College and began a Certificate of fine Woodcraft, successfully completing levels 1 to 4. This course included furniture making, timber finishing and woodturning. To further develop his skills Brian attended numerous workshops, such as Mosaics and decorative Paint finishes. In 1995 he attended an advanced woodturning workshop conducted by Master Craftsperson, Vaughan Richmond and it was woodturning which totally captured Brian's imagination. Lately Brian has been augmenting his work with pieces of quirky and amusing furniture that have proved highly successful.
Brian collects the timber himself from various locations and is often given timber by people who know his work. Inspiration for a piece comes partly from the wood itself and he may spend some time contemplating it before deciding what it will eventually become. Brian is also and avid reader, particularly of history, and is captivated by the pre historic Minoan culture of Crete which flourished between 3000 and 1500 BC. This interest encompasses a fascination with ancient artifacts which also influence his work.
Behind each design is evidence of a keen intelligence and a willingness to explore innovative techniques to create a variety of textures which Brian delights juxtaposing rough with smooth, complexity in conjunction with simplicity, and so on. He devotes his time to making unique one off items. Depending on their future use, he finishes his pieces with oil or sprayed varnish and particularly enjoys applying different paint finishes and decorative touches to complete the work.

Brian has been successfully operating his own business for seven years. He is unusually open to advise and constructive criticism from fellow crafts people which serves to ensure that his creative, evolutionary journey will continue for many years to come.
Brian Davis
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