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Q. What timbers can I have in my bowls or furniture?
A. I tend to use our local native timbers for my work. The ones I use most are Jarrah,
Marri, Sheoak, Lace Sheoak and Karri when available.
At the moment I have a supply of Tasmanian Blackwood, Swamp Mahogany and Sydney Blue Gum.

Q. What other materials do you use?
A. I use several different shell (Abalone, Paua and Pearl), Banksia nut, Gold leaf, Leather, Paint, anything the piece requires.

Q. How do you finish your work?
A. If people are going to use my bowls as salad bowls I oil finish them. The oil finish will require re-oiling from time to time to keep that satin finish. The rest of the bowls and furniture are finished in a hard, acid cured lacquer, which should only rerquire wiping with a damp cloth to keep them looking good. DO NOT use any polishes containing silicon as this makes them extremely difficult and expensive to re-finish if ever the need arises.

Q. What methods of payment do you use?
A. My preferred method of payment is by PayPal. I also accept payment using Direct Debit. Please contact me for our account information. Should you prefer to pay using this method. I will also accept International Money Transfers, however there is usually additional charges involved with these transactions.

Q. What Kind of guarantee do you give your work?
A. All my work is built to last a lifetime, if they a treated with care. However wood will move in certain climatic conditions. I will repair any damage caused by climatic conditions for little or no cost providing we share the cost of freight to and from.

Q. How much do your Bowls and Furniture cost?
A. My Textured Rim Bowls are priced from: $220.00 AUD inc Post and Insurance.
My inlayed Rim Bowls are priced from: $240.00 AUD inc Post and Insurance.
My Figurative inlayed Bowls are priced from: $750.00 AUD inc Post and Insurance.
My Line drawn Bowls are priced from: $210.00 AUD inc Post and Insurance.
My Coffee tables are priced from: $1230.00 AUD inc Plus Freight and Insurance.
My Dinning tables are priced from: $3250.00 AUD Plus Freight and Insurance.
These are my starting prices only and will change according to materials used, artwork and design.

Q. Can you send the work to me in the U.S/England/Japan/Italy/etc?
A. I can ship to most countries providing local laws and customs allow. If you are unsure please check with your appropriate authorities before ordering. I post by request. You will be notified when the work is completed and ready to post. I require full payment at this stage, and as soon as the transaction is cleared the order is posted and you will be notified of the approximate delicery date. On request I can photograph and email you a copy of the finished item before posting.

Q. How long will my peice take to build and send?
A. The total time taken to build and send a bowl is approximately six weeks. Furniture can take a little longer. As this can change, I will keep you informed should this occur.

Q. Where can we view your work?
A. If you are in Pemberton W.A, visit the "Fine Woodcraft Gallery" there. If you are in Fremantle W.A, visit the "Staircase Gallery" and "The Fremantle Arts Centre" If you are in Perth W.A, visit "Graftwest Australian woodcraft galleries" and the "Old Bakery on 8th Avenue" Maylands. If you are visiting Denmark W.A, visit "The Edge Gallery" on Harewood Road and the "Woodworks Gallery" on the South Coast Highway.

If you contact me I can send you images of any work I currently have in stock. I also enter works in exhibitions. If I have time I will put these dates on the website. If you happen to find yourself in Albany W.A, contact me prior to you arrival and I can arrange a visit to my studio to see the current finished and any in progress work being made.
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