Tool News: Bench Dog Tools No. 5 Jack Plane

Tool News: Bench Dog Tools No. 5 Jack Plane

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Tool: Bench Dog Tools No. 5 Jack Plane

Manufacturer: Bench Dog Tools

Price: $169.99

I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the No.5 plane from Bench Dog straight out of the box. After wiping the protective oil off all the surfaces and setting the blade depth, I was able to make de-cent shavings within minutes. Additional honing and adjustments to the frog produced even better results. My only issue was with the width and length of the mouth, it was larger than I’d have liked. A smaller mouth that I could file larger is desirable over one that’s permanently oversized. Included in the box was an inspection sheet that documented this plane’s sole flatness and blade hardness. Both were well within tolerance and included a hand signature by the inspector. The Bench Dog planes represent a quality mass-market alternative to restoring antique planes and investing in premium offerings. —David Lyell

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