Tool News: Twin Turbo Vise

Tool News: Twin Turbo Vise

Tool: InKleind Twin Turbo Vise

Manufacturer: InKleind

Price: $270

There’s a new twin-screw vise on the block designed by Andy Klein that I’ve had the opportunity to test in a pre-production form. The design seeks to solve some of the common issues associated with twin-screw vises. The solid transmission of power through the gears promises to reduce backlash and stretch associated with chain drives. It also features two speeds that are switched by pushing the handle in and pulling it out, connecting with gears of different sizes. This action operates smoothly on my vise and allows the vise to open to full capacity quickly. The 20” version I’ve tested provides 17” of capacity between the screws, a luxury I’ve not experienced before. Overall, I found the vise to be promising. The only issue I encountered was some lateral play in the large gears that caused them to become disengaged once in a while. Andy took note of this issue and let me know that the fix is already in the works for the production version. At the time of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign has 432 backers with more than $160,000 in pledges. Check Klein’s website for an official announcement on the next production run. —David Lyell

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