Give Your Mother the Gift of Storage | Project Sale!

Give Your Mother the Gift of Storage | Project Sale!

Mother’s day is around the corner, why not build her a lovely storage box? Mike Burton shares his method for creating handy storage with an interesting technique for making multiple drawers quickly. In his words, “Cut these boxes as if you were cutting slices from a jelly roll.”

You’ll use 1/4″ MDF for the sides and bottom of the box assembly and suitably dry 2×4 stock milled to 1-3/8″ thick for the dividers—they’ll eventually become the box fronts and backs. The dividers determine the size of the boxes: Their width determines the height, their length determines the width and their spacing determines the depth.

You could adapt these plans to use hardwood and Baltic birch plywood to dress it up. Either way, the gift of storage is always welcome. Check out the plans in our store, along with several others that are on sale for Mother’s Day.


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