Tool Review: Bessey GearKlamp | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Tool Review: Bessey GearKlamp | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Tool: GearKlamp
Manufacturer: Bessey
Price: $15.95 – $24.95

My knuckles scars are proof of trying to tighten f-clamps in weird places like where the handle is against the wall of a cabinet and other confined spaces. The folks at Bessey seem to have experienced the same frustration because the GearKlamp is designed to reach into places that just weren’t possible with your average bar clamp or f-clamp. The bar slides through the handle allowing the jaws to reach into the clamping space without compromising the ability to use the handle. The clamping pressure is rated at 450 pounds, and the gearing is made of plastic, so I wouldn’t recommend these for panel glue ups, but for cabinet assembly they’re very handy. Keep in mind there’s only an inch of screw travel—this felt odd after using clamps that have more than 3″ of screw travel.

—David Lyell

tool review bessey gearklamp

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