Workshop Tips: Hanging Glue-Up Rack

Workshop Tips: Hanging Glue-Up Rack

hanging glue up rack

I mounted this towel-bar style rack on my shop wall for the times when I need to clamp up a small panel. It takes up very little shop space. To make the rack, you’ll need two 1/2″ floor flanges, two 2″ x 1/2″ pipe nipples, two 1/2″ 90° elbows, a 36″ x 1/2″ pipe, and as many 3/4″ tees as you like. My rack is 36″ long, but you can make it any length. The mounting pipe is 1/2″ dia. The tees are 3/4″ dia. so they’ll slide to wherever they’re needed. If you’re using more than two clamps, you’ll have to do a little adjusting to get their heads to line up perfectly.

—Ray Pruett

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