WorkbenchCon 2019–A Conference for Makers & Content Creators

WorkbenchCon 2019–A Conference for Makers & Content Creators

This morning I am traveling down to Atlanta to attend WorkbenchCon. It’s a conference designed for content creators in the DIY, woodworking and maker categories of YouTube and Instagram. In just their second year, they’ve captured considerable momentum, offering over 400 tickets and from what I’ve heard, sold every one of them.

This isn’t a Woodworking Show or Handworks type of event, I’ll spend my time meeting influencers, hearing from those who have found success in partnering with brands to create sponsored content and learning best practices about growing platforms. While that all sounds pretty business-oriented, WorkbenchCon has tapped into a movement of makers that are dedicated to making video, written and sponsored content in addition to furniture and other goods. With so many creators participating in this space, why not create an annual gathering to support, educate and encourage one another.

As someone who spends every day creating or editing woodworking content, it was a no-brainer to attend this year. I’d encourage you to stay tuned to our Instagram account, and our stories specifically to see what this conference is all about.

Check out the schedule and sponsors here. 

If you have any questions about the conference or makers who are attending, comment here or send us a direct message on Instagram!

–David Lyell 

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