21,000 Pages of Woodworking Update

21,000 Pages of Woodworking Update

The only thing more exciting than getting your regular copy of Popular Woodworking magazine in the mail is opening your computer and browsing through the entire back catalog for that project you said you’d build later on down the road. We enjoy this privilege on a daily basis in the Popular Woodworking office and now you can join us with this vast collection of woodworking reference material.

Inside, you’ll find full libraries of Popular Woodworking magazine, Woodwork Magazine, American Woodworker and Woodworking Magazine. This is all delivered to you digitally, so you can search through the content with ease. This also makes printing out articles and plans really simple.

Practically speaking, I use this collection when I am trying to find similar techniques for a project. I can search for something simple like, “mortise and tenon”, and I’ll find dozens of articles on the subject or a project that has a section that demonstrates an author’s take on the joint.

It’s a bargain for all of the content, pick up a copy and it’ll serve you in the shop for years!

– Popular Woodworking Editorial Team

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