Tool News: Festool Domino 500 Series Connectors

Tool News: Festool Domino 500 Series Connectors

Tool: Domino 500 Series Connectors
Manufacturer: Festool
Price: $375

Every woodworker loves joints that are tight, strong and secure. Dovetail joints and mortise and tenons will get you there, but if you need a knockdown joint, good options are limited. That’s where Festool’s connector sets come in. With the connectors, you can create furniture or cabinetry and disassemble, move and reassemble it with only a hex wrench. Festool introduced a 14mm connector system for the Domino DF 700 last year, and this year they added the 8mm connector system for the DF 500. This is the set I tested.

The set includes components for straight and corner connections and for integrating it with Festool’s LR 32 cabinetry system. Components can be purchased individually, but the full set includes a 15mm drill bit and clever drill guide that makes it easy to accurately locate the cross anchors that draw joints together.

First, use the 8mm bit to cut mortises for both dominos and connectors. On one side, insert a split anchor and notched bolt. One the other side, drill a hole from the top for the cross anchor with the drill guide. Once you slide them together, a hex wrench and screw pulls the joint tight. Loosen the screws and the joints are quickly disassembled.

I found the system works quite well as long as you include a number of regular wood dominos for joint rigidity. The connectors are for drawing the joints together, not as a replacement for good joints. Overall it’s a good solution for knockdown furniture, especially if you already have a Domino joiner at your disposal.

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