New Project Plans for the New Year (and more on the way)

New Project Plans for the New Year (and more on the way)

I love January. Crisp weather, holiday obligations over and a sense of a new beginning for a new year. My shop is a bit of a wreck as I’m knee deep in a kitchen remodel AND I decided to make a Christmas gift. But I’m gradually cleaning things up and getting back in the groove of regular woodworking. The next few months (when it’s cold and snowy in Minnesota) are prime woodworking time, and I’m very excited to spend as much time as I can in the shop before springtime draws me back outside.

But what to build? A better way to store nails, screws and assorted fasteners might be nice. Perhaps a way to store some of my smaller, less-used hand tools? Or maybe I should get a jumpstart on the pair of planters for the back patio? Perhaps some storage for the home office? Of course, the responsible answer is “kitchen cabinets,” but I can only stand building plywood boxes for so long (thankfully my kitchen is on the small side).

If you’re in need of a good winter project, we’ve just added a whole bunch of projects to our store. And, we’re going to keep adding more projects from past issues as the year goes on – there’s a lot of content in our archives (from Popular Woodworking, Woodworking Magazine, American Woodworker and Woodwork) that we’re working hard to bring to the surface again. In the meantime, I’ll be nice and cozy in my shop.

You can view all of the new projects in our store here.

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