Tool News: Auto-Adjust Dog Clamp

Tool News: Auto-Adjust Dog Clamp

Tool: Horizontal Dog Peg Clamp

Manufacturer: Armor Tool

Price: $38

Perhaps the red finally caught my eye, but it seems like I’m seeing Armor Tools everywhere now. My local Woodcraft has a great display of Armor Tools gear, and I finally took the plunge with their dog clamps.

The clamps feature auto-adjust technology that allows you to set the general amount of clamping pressure you’d like to use and it self adjusts for variances in material thickness (to a degree.) I found the technology worked well. Under the clamping lever there’s a small, knurled screw that adjusts the pressure you’d like to apply. If you don’t describe your fingers as nimble, you may find this adjustment a little difficult to manipulate, but once it’s dialed in you don’t need to touch it again.

The fit and finish were impressive, the clamps have barely any plastic built into them and feel like they’ll be around for a while. It sort of felt like my holdfast was judging me while using the horizontal dog-peg clamp, but it was kind of nice to skip the loud smack every time I wanted to adjust my workpiece. The price point on these clamps feels right, and I’m happy to have them in my shop.

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