Tool News: Portable Dust Filtration

Tool News: Portable Dust Filtration

Tool: PM 1250 Micro Dust AFS
Manufacturer: Powermatic
Price: $700

In the battle against harmful fine dust, Powermatic has delivered an intriguing new option with the PM1250. This unit is designed to be mobile—bring it to the project, providing filtration exactly where you need it. The unit isn’t cheap, but the fit and finish is outstanding. Perhaps the greatest feature is what you don’t hear. I couldn’t hear the unit over the air handler of our AC unit in the shop. It’s so quiet that you don’t mind leaving it on. The electrostatic filter has a 3,000-hour life, filters to 0.1 micron and can be cleaned with a vacuum. My only complaint is the handle. At 38lbs, it’s pretty heavy for a fingertip style handle. A full-grip handle would make moving this portable unit much easier.

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