Why Built-in Furniture? | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Why Built-in Furniture? | Popular Woodworking Magazine

built-in pantryWe’ve come a long way from cabins in the woods and 18th Century dwellings. Part of that transition is the mental shift of thinking of furniture as part of our wealth and property. When you read histories of belongings from that period the furniture and smaller possessions ARE the wealth. Land and dwellings, too, but the furniture mattered. Today furniture is often temporary or disposable and so wouldn’t be considered part of our worth. That’s not how many a woodworker would view things, but in general, I think that stands. Today’s homes reflect that status. Built-in furniture increases the value of the house, something which we all desire. Kitchens and bathroom cabinetry are just the start of that wealth. Custom homes have butler’s pantries, mud rooms, entertainment centers and wet bars. All are built in! Besides increasing value, they look good and are cool!

built-in mudroomThey are a seamless part of our homes and so it’s important that the seams aren’t seen … hence the beauty and value of built-in furniture. And the need for planning, and building to accommodate the needs of looking seamless. We’ve partnered with Festool and professional woodworker Gregory Paolini to create a video series looking at the important steps to consider when planning, building and installing built-in furniture. A bit of planning and knowing the right steps to follow will make things easier. We invite you to follow along later this month as we take you through the process of building a built-in storage unit for a vinyl album collection. We’ll talk about electrical and lighting concerns, as well as storage options. Stay tuned for more info.

– David Thiel

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