Follow Friday: Woodworking Schools | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Follow Friday: Woodworking Schools | Popular Woodworking Magazine

In this edition of Follow Friday, I’m highlighting a few of the places that you can turn to when you want thorough, in-person instruction in woodworking. Taking a woodworking class is one of the best ways to further your craft, and this is the time of the year schools release their schedules. Classes also make great gifts for anyone in your life that wants to get into woodworking. Check them out!

First off is the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine. Founded by Peter Korn, this school offers classes for everyone, from two day community classes, to week-long workshops focused on specific disciplines to a ninth-month comprehensive woodworking program.

Next up is the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. Located in Indiana, the school celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. From the spring through the fall, the school offers all kinds of one and two week classes with world-class instructors.

The Krenov School (named for its founder James Krenov) is located in Fort Bragg, California. The school carries on Krenov’s reverence for wood, focusing on handwork fundamentals and clean designs, with both a 9-month program and weekend workshops during the summer.

The Port Townsend School of Woodworking on the northwest coast of Washington offers 12 week intensive programs as well as shorter classes focused on individual projects and skills with a wide variety of excellent instructors.

The Austin School of Furniture and Design, launched this year, is moving into a new facility and offers a bunch of classes aimed at both beginning and experienced woodworkers. I’m really excited to see this school having success and growing.

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